Tuesday 15 August 2023

Tartareu: lower-off replacements.

Albert Cortés has returned to the sector of Tartareu, which he developed over 20 years ago, and sent us the following updates.

In sector 'Jet Lag / Guacamole' (Pages 190-191 in Lleida Climbs 3) the following routes have been equipped with brand new lower-offs by Albert: La Verruga Assasina, Goriles a La Sabina and El Merengué (shared); Sika del Pryca (now considered 6c rather than 6c+); Ritme Infernal; Johny Babuchas and La Mostela (shared).

In sector 'Tempura' (Pages 184-185 in Lleida Climbs 3) Albert has extended the lines of Relaxing People (22) and El Codi Da Vinci (23) and installed independant lower-offs. In the topo below, the new lines are displayed. Relaxing People is now considered 6c+ (rather than 6c) and El Codi Da Vinci has also been upgraded — 6c instead of 6b+.


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