Tuesday 5 August 2014

Abella Climb

Watch Caroline Ciavaldini , Enzo Oddo, Kevin Aglae, Klemen Bečan, and James Pearson gathered together this summer in Abella de la Conca (Spain) for a climbing festival organized with Edelrid & Vaude. This recently rediscovered area has amazing limestone and offers all year round climbing for all abilities.  In one week they did ten first ascents from 7b+ to 8c and bolted seven new 50m lines from 7a to 8c+. They also tried four projects (8c+/9a?) but for these, as Enzo Oddo puts it…they’ll have to come back!!
The new web site http://www.abellaclimb.com will give you more information about this crag and has online topos of the new sectors.

Este verano Caroline Ciavaldini , Enzo Oddo, Kevin Aglae, Klemen Bečan, y James Pearson han escalado en el guapísimo catalán pueblo de Abella de la Conca durante la trobadada organizada con Edelrid & Vaude . En esta zona se puede escalar todo el ano sobre una roca tipo Verdon. Dentro una semana han hecho las primeras ascensiones de 10 vias incluso dos 8c, y equipado 7 nuevas vías brutales de 50m de 7a hasta 8c+. Han probado también 4 proyectos (8c+/9a?) pero para estos como Enzo Oddo lo dice al final…hay que volver!!!
La nueva pagina web http://www.abellaclimb.com os permite buscar más información y topos para los nuevos sectores.

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Worn Lower-offs!!!

Yesterday we replaced a dangerously worn lower-off at the top of Viagra (6b+) and Michumi (6a+) at La Selva in Camarasa (Page 63 in Lleida Climbs 2).

Even though the karabiner on the old lower-off unit was halfway worn through (see picture) it seems that people have been happily using it until very recently. This is madness!

These two routes are extremely popular and it's likely that the karabiner was also regularly used as part of top-rope setups — a practice that should be avoided at all costs.

As we stress in the introduction to the guidebook, climbing in Catalunya is not a regulated activity. There is absolutely no structure in place to inspect or maintain in-situ gear. What this means in practice is that when trusting your life to in-situ bolts and lower-offs you must use your own judgement as to their dependability. If a lower-off looks dangerously worn (such as this one) then leave one of your own karabiners behind — it's a small price to pay for peace of mind!

Be safe out there!

Monday 3 March 2014

Vilanova de Meià — new multi-pitch route

David Tarragó has sent us details about a new multi-pitch climb on Roca dels Arcs in Vilanova de Meià, equipped by himself and Paula Revoil last year.
The route Via Paula/Tarragó is 205m long and features sustained climbing up to 7b+/7c, making it probably the most difficult multi-pitch climb in the entire zone. It is also reportedly excellent!

The section of cliff on which the route lies is not covered in the Lleida Climbs guidebooks. The route lies approximately 200m right of Papisuca (page 227 in Lleida Climbs 2).

Camarasa — new sector

A new sector has just been developed in Camarasa: Sector Dexter.
The sector is located between Capricho del Vicho (Lleida Climbs 2 pages 48-49) and Fashion (Lleida Climbs 2 pages 60-61) on the higher level cliffs.

This is not a big sector (15 routes/maximum 22m) but the rock is excellent and the climbing superb.

All routes equipped by Albert Cortés and Pete O'Donovan during January/February 2014. Material donated by Lleida Climbs.

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Abella de la Conca — Eco Refugi officially opens on March 1st

Abella de la Conca is one of the most stunningly situated villages in the whole of Catalunya and from March 1st visitors will be able to enjoy this unique and peaceful location to the full by staying in the new, spendidly situated eco-refugi.

Over the past two years, guardians Nic and Ella have lovingly renovated this old townhouse, placing great emphasis on using ecologically sourced materials. It now offers self-catering accommodation for up to 15 guests.

During the same period they have almost doubled the number of sport-climbs on the magnificent cliffs surrounding the village: there are now in the region of 200 routes between V and 8c+, offering everything from delicate face climbing to overhanging tufas, and with such diverse orientations as to allow climbing throughout the year — even on the hottest days of mid-summer.

Abella is also perfectly situated to allow easy access to many of the other top climbing locations in Lleida province: zones such as Terradets, Àger, Vilanova de Meià, Collegats, Camarasa, Sant Llorenç de Montgai, Alòs de Balaguer, Santa Linya, Os de Balaguer, Oliana, Coll de Nargó, Tres Ponts and Perles are all within an hours drive.

Fore more information contact Nic or Ella at abellaclimb@gmail.com

Nic climbing Illian Tu Vas Tomber (6c) in Abella de la Conca

Ella enjoying Pre-Skool (V) in Abella de la Conca

The incredible arches of sector El Forat dels Lladres in
Abella de la Conca— home to some of the zone's hardest routes.