Friday 10 December 2021

Camarasa Parking — December 2021


The following is an update to our post regarding parking areas for many sectors in Camarasa (first published in November 2020).

1) Sectors 1-15 (+22) in Lleida Climbs 3:

It is now looking increasingly likely that the metal barrier gate at the start of the access road to the Central Hidroelèctrica de Camarasa is a permanent fixture. This means that the advice given in our original post still stands: the parking areas P1 to P4 in Lleida Climbs 3 are no longer available and walking from the parking area at the head of the access road (east side of the Pont del Pastor Bridge on the C13) is now the only option.

However, due to the recent increase in popularity of Camarasa with non-climbers (walkers, rafters, etc.) this parking area is frequently full from early morning onwards, particularly at weekends and during holiday periods. In response to this, the local council has created a larger parking area on the right-hand side of the road, approximately 350m after the Pont del Pastor road-bridge. Of course, that means even more walking…

2) Sector 17 (Crestes de Conill-North) Lleida Climbs 3:

The locked metal barrier gate at the start of the un-surfaced track at the western end of the Pont del Pastor road-bridge appears to be a permanent fixture. One must now park at either of the aforementioned locations (see above) and walk the track (1.1km) to the previous P6 parking area. Alternatively, follow the approach for Crestes de Conill-South and continue rightwards along a well-marked footpath from there.

3) Sectors 18-21 in Lleida Climbs 3:

The previously mentioned closures of the limited parking areas on the dam wall still stand. Please use the P7 parking areas (after the second tunnel) specified in Lleida Climbs 3. If these are full, drive back down to the new parking area 350m north of the Pont del Pastor road-bridge and walk up the C13 to the start of the access footpaths. Note 1: there are no pavements on the C13 so great care is needed with regard to passing vehicles. Note 2: there are actually a limited number of places a little further up the road from the main parking area, which will reduce your walking time marginally.

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