Friday, 29 June 2018

New Routes in Camarasa

Edu Vendrell has informed us about a number of new climbs he and his friends have equipped in Camarasa.

The locations of the climbs is as follows:
1) Sector Emotion — situated between sectors La Blanca and Kuestelon la France.
2) Entre Dexter i Fashion — situated midway between sectors Dexter and Fashion.
3) FKuestelon — situated just right of the right-hand end of Kuestelon la France.
4) Les Bessones  — A prominent pinnacle situated to the right of Kuestelon la France and higher up the gully.

All routes equipped by Eduard Vendrell, Xavier Martínez and Xavier González.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Camarasa — Major New Sector

A major new sector has been equipped on the northern side of the gorge, approximately 200m to the left of Sector 'El Solarium' (not in Lleida Climbs).
The new sector is called 'La Cova de L'Escaleta'. It is south-facing and currently has 35 climbs, mostly in the 6a-6c range.
The sector was equipped by Pete O'Donovan, Albert Cortés and Tom Zappe, with help from Andy Gardner and the kind donation of 12 lower-off units by David Tarragó.